« Together, let’s build a better world »

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05/28/2021 2021 10:05

Concerned about the future of our planet and aware of the pollution of the textile industry : 1/3 of microplastic debris into marine waters and 4% in greenhouse emissions, for one year DECOSTARS has committed to a more responsible business.

That’s why, we also reflect on our items production, their origin as well as their packaging. Today, 80% of our products are manufactured by suppliers labeled Oeko-Tex and therefore free of harmful components. This reduces some of the hazardous waste for the environment. Our hangers will now be made of cardboard and we are gradually working to no longer use black plastic hangers which are not recyclable.

Here are our objectives to make our commitments live :

  • Use recycled or recyclable materials
  • Support the French sectors
  • Favor eco-responsible materials
  • Reduce the volume packaging
  • Aim for « zero plastic »

We are convinced that we can continue to amaze you with our creations while having a definite commitment to ecology.

Together, let’s build a better world .